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Your work is your baby – whether it is an invention or art. Like any parent you want to protect and nurture your baby and help it grow to its fullest potential. How do you do that?  That’s where we can help.  At Dobbin IP Law, we specialize in obtaining patents to protect your invention, copyrights to protect your authorship, and trademarks to protect your marketing.  Let us help you with these parts of the “parenting” process.

When you choose Dobbin IP Law, you will discover that we care about our clients.  Whether it is your first invention or your 15th, we know how special it is to you.  Your experience will start with a complementary strategy session.  During this time, we will talk you through the necessary steps in order to protect your work, whether it’s an invention, trademark, or art.  If applicable, we will even tell you what you cannot do, because we value honesty.  We will work with you one-on-one to meet your needs.  Here at Dobbin IP Law, we specialize in working with the little guy.  We love to watch businesses grow and expand.

Get help for your intellectual property needs

When you come up with a new idea and put it into tangible form, you need legal protection to safeguard your work from being copied.  Intellectual property comes in several forms, the three most common of which include patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

For over 20 years, Geoff Dobbin has assisted independent inventors and other creators of intellectual property with protecting their “babies.” He understands just how invested you can feel after all the hard work that went into your creation.

Although he founded Dobbin IP Law, P.C. when he moved to Utah in 2001, Mr. Dobbin has been practicing intellectual property law and representing creators in need of patents, copyrights and trademarks since 1998. With a degree in physics that gives him a solid scientific background to understand many different technical fields, he is quick on the uptake and easily grasps new concepts and ideas, no matter how complex.

Mr. Dobbin is a solo practitioner with a strong track record as evidenced by his prior work. He especially enjoys working with independent inventors and watching businesses grow and expand.

We Care About Our Clients

When you choose Dobbin IP Law, you will discover that we care about our clients.  We will work with you one on one to meet your needs.  Additionally, we will tell you as soon as possible whether or not we think your invention is patentable, because we value honesty.  Your privacy is also a priority. Everything communicated between client and attorney is considered confidential.  Here at Dobbin IP Law, we specialize in working with the little guy.  We love to watch business grow and expand.

You Are the Boss

Tell us what you want done, and we will be responsive to your needs.  We will put our experience to good use to ensure the best quality service and outcome possible.  We work one-on-one with our clients, starting with a confidential strategy session.  We will tell you as soon as possible whether or not we think your invention is patentable.  Your privacy is also a priority.  Everything communicated between client and attorney is confidential.

We Offer Experience & Knowledge

After working in intellectual property law for over a decade and a half, we understand the requirements and details necessary for your intellectual property to succeed.  With a solid scientific background, Geoffrey Dobbin can grasp a variety of subject matter from the simplest gadgets to lasers and semiconductors.  After discussing your invention with you, we will put your application in proper format for submission, and then later use our experience and best efforts to broaden the scope of your patent application.

We Are a Small Business Too

We know what it’s like to go through blood, sweat and tears as you experience the ups and downs of business.  We also know the joy that comes from success.

We have included a number of frequently asked questions on our website.  You can find the links in the menu to the left.  Please feel free to browse them, as well as the general information about intellectual property  we have provided.  If your question has not been answered, please feel free to contact us and schedule a complementary strategy session.

I’ve known Geoff Dobbin and have used him as my patent attorney for over 7 years. During that time Geoff has filed multiple patents for me. Before meeting Geoff I consulted other patent attorneys and always came away frustrated that I could not get definite answers to my questions. It was refreshing when on my very first meeting with Geoff he gave me straight answers, explaining even the most complicated Intellectual Property issues in easy to understand language. Geoff has demonstrated utmost integrity while working on my patents and has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of Intellectual Property law. His work is of the highest quality and is delivered in a timely manner. I’m pleased to give Geoff my highest recommendation for your Intellectual Property work.

Matthew Prestwich
Ready Holster and Tactical Supply

I am Lee Von Gunten, CEO of Watchdog manufacturing, where we produce and sell Home Security products such as our Watchdog Timers and others. I am pleased and proud to offer this short but sweet testimonial regarding Geoff Dobbin and his team at Dobbin IP Law P.C. This is a voluntary testimonial for Geoff and his company. Geoff did not ask for it.

We’ve been working with Geoff and staff for over 12 years with total confidence in the professionality and completeness of their services at fair costs through all of our patent and trademark work. Geoff has been there for us to help and answer questions and to advise us in all matters of Intellectual Law through several patent applications and trademark listings.

Geoff and his staff are tops. I can’t recommend them too highly.

Thank you,

Lee Von Gunten, CEO
Watchdog Manufacturing

I have been working with Geoff Dobbin for approximately 8 years in relation to a range of patent, trademark and product licensing matters. I have found Geoff to be a knowledgeable and diligent intellectual property attorney who is also a pleasure to deal with. Geoff was able to provide practical and timely responses to questions I asked and was instrumental in finalizing patents and a trademark for my invention. I would not hesitate in recommending Geoff.

Craig Charlton
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

Geoffrey Dobbin has been my patent attorney for the past six years and I am highly impressed by his ability to understand a wide range of complex technologies and describe them clearly, suggest appropriate strategies for intellectual property, and his adroitness in communicating with the USPTO.

Dr. Mark J. Hagmann, CTO
NewPath Research, LLC

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