Prior Work

Patents have been secured in a wide range of technical fields, including: flashlights & worklights, laboratory equipment, hunting & fishing equipment, computer hardware/architecture, animal leashes, household items, semiconductors, lasers and LEDs, dentistry, mailboxes, forensics, exercise equipment, games, and especially firearms, ordinance, and firearm accessories. Many trademarks and copyrights have also been registered.

Below, are some actual examples of past work. To view click the patent number.

Quick Change Barrel System for a Firearm

The present invention is an improved quick change barrel system for a firearm. It features an interlocking trunnion and lock ring that hold the barrel in place proximate the receiver. Intermittent threading provides multiple points of interface. A foldable handle is provided to allow safe removal of the lock ring and additional torque for attachment and removal of the lock ring from the system.

Magazine Grip

A magazine grip attachment for ammunition magazines to aid in extraction of magazines from ammunition pouches comprising a sleeve of resilient material molded in the general shape of a magazine yet with a smaller inner circumference than the circumference of a magazine so as to require the band to stretch over the magazine. The top of the band has an even slightly smaller inner circumference than the lower part of the band. Extending from the top of the band is a handle designed to allow a finger to wrap around the handle and extract the magazine. Also provided are recessed areas and four diagonal force distribution beams to constrict the invention and allow it to grip a magazine more snugly when the handle is pulled. The invention is also used in combination with a magazine pouch to deaden noise by biasing the magazines against the pouch and each other.

Convertible Work Light

Disclosed is a work light with two convertible configurations. The first configuration is a light mounted upon a stand with an extendable neck. The second is a flashlight. A third, intermediate configuration is presented when the neck is extended in the flashlight mode. The light head has a standard twist switch and a key interface with the body to maintain a lower portion of the head in a stationary position relative to the body when in the work light is in the flashlight configuration. The stand is a tripod with legs collapsible into a central body to form the flashlight handle, a movable stop being provided to support the legs when deployed and hold the legs, along with the body, when stowed in the flashlight configuration. A double linkage hinge is also provided, the head and neck for allowing motion of the head relative the remainder of the work light. Magnets are applied at both the head of the work light and the end of the movable stop such that the work light may be used as an extendable pick-up tool with the magnet in the head; and it may be mounted solely by the magnet, even against the pull of gravity, by the magnet in the stop.

Stroller Passenger Assembly

The present invention is a passenger assembly for a stroller and is adaptable to almost any stroller and is capable of practice in numerous embodiments. The preferred embodiment features a chassis mounted platform with adjustable mounting arms. A mounting mechanism is located at the terminus of each arm and is attachable and removable from the stroller frame with the passenger assembly. A number of potential mounting mechanisms are disclosed. An extension handle is provided to allow users greater control of the stroller from a distance further than normal, as the assembly occupies the position proximate the stroller, where the user ordinarily stands. Modules are capable of addition to the assembly, such as a seat or basket, or a stow strap for securement of the assembly when not in use.


Method for Significant Reduction of Dislocations for a Very High A1 Composition A1GaN Layer

A method for reducing dislocation density between an A1GaN layer and a sapphire substrate involving the step of forming a self-organizing porous A1N layer of non-coalescing column-like islands with flat tops on the substrate.

Cable Storage Device

The present invention is an improved cable/cord storage device. The cable management device includes first and second expanded regions, a medial region, and at least one channel with a resealable slit. The first and second expanded regions are respectively wider than the medial region. At least one channel includes an opening on the first region, an opening on the medial region, and an internal cavity therebetween. The internal cavity may be intentionally exposed via a resealable slit to allow a cable to be routed through the internal cavity between the openings. Upon release, slit automatically reseals, thereby reliably supporting the cable. A second embodiment includes two such channels, one in each expanded region. An improved embodiment features transition zones at the origin and terminus of each channel, a rounded edge to each slit, and transitioning curvature of the medial region.

Method for Noninvasive Determination of a Distribution of Electrical current and Apparatus for the Same

A method of noninvasive determination of electrical current distribution is disclosed. The method utilizes mathematical calculations on data obtained by a probe with nonuniformly wound detection coil. While nonuniform, the coil winding is specific according to a known and determined function, such as a sinusoidal variation. As a further method, the probe may rotate about an area of interest and the data then may be subjected to a Fourier analysis for further refined results. Multiple coils may be used in the probe, each with a different coil function which could include one uniform coil. Also disclosed is a method for making the coils necessary in the practice of the method.


The present invention is a reticule featuring both rapid close-quarters target acquisition and precise distance shooting functionality. The reticule features a broad central aiming ring and four sets of aiming point-indicating dots. The lowest set comprises dots of differing dimensions and distances apart. Ranging rings are also provided. In an alternate embodiment the aiming ring comprises a plurality of varying transparent and opaque cells. The reticule can be illuminated through known or future discovered means for low-light or night shooting. A further alternate embodiment features a caliber specific ranging system.


The present invention is a security mailbox utilizing a combination package rest and security panel. A mail slot in the security panel prevents easy access to contents of the mailbox. The present invention may be utilized in situations other than mail delivery where security for contents is desired.


Grip Friction Pattern

The present invention discloses a grip fractioning pattern for any object, but specifically designed for handgun and rifle grips. The pattern consists of a series of spaces frusto-conical projections regularly spaced about the surface of the weapon’s grip. Alternatively, the series may be interrupted by an interspaced series of pyramids, with their points not extending above the height of the frusto-conical projections. The grip pattern may be utilized in any circumstance where a user desires greater and more comfortable friction when gripping an object.

Spring-loaded Firearm Safety Indicator

The invention is a firearm safety indicator that is spring-loaded, thus enabling self-ejection when a firearm’s bolt is actuated. To attain this, the indicator comprises a main body and cantilever spring body joined together. A peg extends perpendicularly from the main body. In use, the peg is positioned inside the firing chamber of a firearm through the ejection port. The main body covers the ejection port, and the cantilever spring body is therefore compressed to attain proper positioning. The rifle’s bolt is then used to engage and hold the peg in place. When actuated, the bolt releases the peg and the spring body is released, thrusting the indicator away from the firearm. Alternately, a metal spring may be utilized in the place of the cantilever spring body.

Digit Support

A digit support for AR family receivers designed to reside in a gap left between a receiver’s pistol grip and trigger guard. The support fills the gap and ideally separates a user’s digit from the gap, thereby protecting the user’s digit from injury due to prolonged contact with the walls forming said gap. The digit support is easily installed without removal of any components of or attachments to the receiver and in its best mode allows for the simultaneous opening of the receiver’s trigger guard. In the best mode, the support is a body molded from a rubber compound having dimensions to fit snugly in the gap left between the trigger guard and the pistol grip. Ideally, the remaining exposed surface extends slightly higher than the depth of the gap and is cylindrically domed. Also in the best mode, the side of the body abutting the trigger guard mount should have a concavity designed to fit around the trigger guard mount so as to encompass said mount.

Monolitholic LED Chip to Emit Multiple Colors

A light emitting diode chip with red, green and blue light emission regions on a single substrate. The light emission regions may be powered selectively to only emit one color light at a time. Or all three regions may be powered simultaneously so that the LED chip emits white light.

Device for Simulating Human Activity in an Unoccupied Dwelling

The present invention is a thermally activated electrical switch for use in simulating human activity. The invention features dual heat sources enclosed in a thermally isolated chamber within the invention. Since the activation of the switch is dependent upon the ambient temperature of the environment, it opens and closes at sufficiently random intervals to simulate human activity. This embodiment includes the use of a photoelectric sensor to further vary timing of the switch actuation.

Gas System for an Automatic Firearm

The present invention is a gas system for a firearm comprising a hollow gas tube extending between a forward gas tap in a firearm’s barrel and a rearward piston assembly to impinge upon and operate the firearm’s bolt operating system. The system does not have a translation rod extending between the two components as in prior art systems nor does it have a rearward tap like others. As such, it balances cleanliness and weight reduction of the prior art systems and reduces moving parts.

Modular Computer System

One embodiment of the present invention relates to a modular computer system for use in residential, recreational, and commercial regions. The system is a computer system disposed within an existing outlet receptacle housing. The receptacle includes a conventional NEMA standard OS1 and OS2 type electrical housing and electrical line designed to accommodate a residential or commercial light switch, electrical outlet, etc. The computer system is electrically coupled to the electrical line disposed within the housing of the receptacle and includes a mechanically extendable expansion bus configured to mechanically support and data inter-couple a set of modules for providing computer functionality. The expansion bus can be extended to access the modules or collapsed within the receptacle so as to be externally visually obscured by an interface module or cover. The computer system is configured to dynamically detect and data couple with other modular computer systems in a particular region.